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All the names and events in this story are fictional.

Any resemblance to actual organizations or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.


In this action-packed adventure drama, Strike Force Delta, a newly formed Top Secret Counter Terrorism Unit, is tasked to track down and capture a dangerous terrorist known as The Scorpion.

When Strike Force Delta located The Scorpion, an assault team was mobilized to penetrate the heavily fortified terrorist stronghold, located deep in the Northern Afghanistan Mountains near the Pakistani border. However, once again The Scorpion managed to elude capture.

After inspecting the facility, the Strike Force Delta assault team found evidence that The Scorpion had fled the area. They also learned that The Scorpion had in his possession a deadly nerve gas that would kill anyone who came in contact with it in less than a minute.

Follow the action as Strike Force Delta hunts down The Scorpion and his associates, and puts an end to their reign of terror.

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